Power consumption of many engines can be drastically reduced by installing converters/inverters, using energy much more efficiently, in combination with proper programming. Many engines run at maximum amperage, although the load requires half or less of it.

In a large facility / factory, surveys about energy saving have shown that, by installing appropriately converters/inverters in a large part of the facility, electricity bills could be greatly reduced and the payback time of the investment could come in a short time.

The converters/inverters can be integrated into the control panel design, and also adapted and programmed before the delivery.





Soft starters offer the finest solution to several problems, related to direct network booting.

These problems include high starting current, which often causes a non-permissible load on the central supply, abrupt load change, causing unnecessary wear on mechanical parts, and rapid acceleration and deceleration, causing unstable operating conditions.

Traditionally, star / delta starters and autotransformers have been the solution to these problems. However, both solutions have disadvantages and do not solve the problems caused by wear on the transmission system and the unstable operating conditions.

Unlike traditional solutions, soft starters offer multiple advantages to the operation of the engine and equipment, as a whole.

These include flexible control of starting current and torque, smooth control of current and voltage, without any steps or abrupt changes, as well as frequent start / stop operation, without mechanical wear.



Nowadays, software controls most of the systems and almost each piece of an electronic equipment incorporates some form of software.

The main advantage of using programmable logic controllers, over standard and compatible control instruments, is the flexibility and adaptability you can get from this modern form of computer, since everything can be programmed exactly as any application and control or visualization environment requires.

We have used a wide range of PLC in various applications, with specific difficulties and peculiarities, and we are available for any information.