Spare parts are a key sector for our company, not only to offer our services to our customers for a standard and scheduled maintenance, but also to be ready in unforeseen situations, 24 hours a day, providing spare parts, from a simple timer or an electronic controller, to a speed controller.

We have a wide range of spare parts and even if there is no specific code that may be needed, we provide full technical support, so that we help find the right alternative for immediate replacement.

From time to time, we have been asked by our customers, traders, manufacturers and industries, to cable and connect the electrical panels we have supplied to them, sometimes in the industrial installation itself, in chiller rooms and refrigerated spaces and some other times on refrigeration units.

In this field, the installation department, with fully trained and experienced technicians, has largely standardized the integration steps for these specific tasks, within the required standards and regulations, so that we get the best result at short times.

Our well-equipped laboratory and the excellent workforce of our company allow us to deal with possible tight schedules.

The design department needs 24 hours for the design – approval of the circuits (for non-standard applications) and, in collaboration with the production department, the construction is completed as soon as possible.

The equipment we supply is manufactured with practical techniques, related to European standards for the construction of low voltage panels and automation panels.

Our design and construction techniques always combine the guarantee of the best quality and the lowest possible prices.

Over time, systems change and resources are increased, so, as a natural consequence, a control system is prone to modification and change.

This does not mean that equipment replacement is always necessary. A larger starter may be needed, motor power relays may be added, additional temperature monitoring or automation change may be required, at the customer’s request.

For all the above, a specialized team of technicians is ready to respond immediately to any request for modification. Completion of any conversion involves full circuit testing, visual inspection and delivery of all recently updated electrical diagrams to the customer.

Preventive maintenance is the most important factor in the life of an electrical control panel and specific parts of the installation.

The elements of a control panel, such as, for example, the elements of a car, perform too many electrical and mechanical functions, which, over time, results in looseness between connections, reducing the conductivity, causing wear and, in some cases, damage.

There are cases, when, due to circumstances, a system does not work properly or satisfactorily enough and someone falsifies electronic controller parameters or configures the wrong parameters and then cannot restore it to the original setting.

overflowing and the corresponding electronic documents no longer showing the changes and why they were made.

For all the above, we have an alert team of trained technicians, who can manage and correct any such situation, in order to restore and normalize the system’s operation.